Ham and Potato Hash

Hey Y’all,

Everyone is concerned about what to do with leftover turkey after Thanksgiving as well they should be. However, we usually have both Turkey and Ham. So today I’m sharing a recipe for you to use that leftover Ham.

We have been buying ham steaks that come in a package of four at Sam’s Club. We can usually get at least two sometimes three good meals out of one ham steak. Yesterday for instance I made my version of those little egg sandwiches served on English muffins that are served at the restaurant whose name starts with Mc and ends with d’s. Then for supper last night I made some breakfast burritos with diced ham, potatoes and onions, and eggs.

Tonight the Cowboy and I put a turkey in the oven for lunch tomorrow and then to make casseroles and soup out of for other meals. They’ve had Honeysuckle turkeys on sale at our Market Street the last few weeks for .77 a pound. That’s cheap protein y’all.

I had planned to invite my daughter Aimee, her husband Josh and the Ham Boys for lunch tomorrow but we are in the middle of our first Arctic Blast of the season and the Weather Outside is Frightful! Plus, even though the laminate flooring in our living room and dining room is installed, the trim work needs to be done. So we won’t have furniture in the living room and dining room until my brother comes to finish that. Sorry I forgot to mention the flooring debacle before now, I’ve posted about it on enough on Facebook and this is supposed to be a happy place where happy thoughts alone are shared. šŸ˜‰ Sooooo, having anyone over to eat would result in them having to dine on the floor or sitting on my bed. No. Thank You! LOL Hopefully it will all be over soon and I can start entertaining and getting my Christmas dĆ©cor up and so on and so forth.

Sorry back to my story. After we got the turkey in the oven for tomorrow, we sat here for awhile and the Cowboy asks me “What’s for Supper?” I hadn’t given it any thought. I knew I had leftover home fried potatoes from the breakfast burritos and I had a ham steak thawed out. There were mushrooms, celery, bell pepper and onion in the fridge. I decided that I was going to make something out of those. That’s how my Ham and Potato Hash was born.
Ham and Potato Hash

I had the Rosemary and Thyme out for the turkey and decided to include them in my hash. I just love cooking with herbs and spices. This was a quick and easy way to use up some leftovers and incorporate veggies into our meal. I think it would even be good to addĀ in some scrambled egg and serve on flour tortillas, but tonight we had it with toast. I hope you’ll try this recipe soon and come back to let me know how it worked for you.



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Ham Potato Hash recipe card
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