Hi I’m Kim, the Mammy (Mom or Mama now, depending on the mood my children are in when they call me) and the Grammy @ Mammy2Grammy.

Welcome to Our House. Come on in!

I am gonna try to ‘splain how I came up with the name Mammy 2 Grammy. It’s a cute story actually, well I think it’s cute. I’m hoping you will too. 

When my daughter was just old enough to talk (looking back it seems she came out of the womb talking, she’s just a talker) She would stand at the door of her Aunt Evelyn’s (Evil, for those who know her well. Love ya, Evelyn!) house waiting for me to get there from work. Evelyn would know I was there to pick her up because everyday Aimee would start yelling “Mammy me Mammy! Mammy me Mammy! at the top of her lungs as soon as my car pulled into the driveway. Thus the name Mammy.

Now I don’t know if this is coincidence or not, but the Care Bears were really popular back in the early ’80’s. So for the theme of my daughter’s first birthday party I chose the Care Bear’s Birthday Bear. From her cake, to the decorations and she even got a stuffed Birthday Bear. Then as the years passed we would watch The Care Bears cartoon. I noticed then that the Care Bears called the Grandma Bear, Grammy Bear. I decided then and there that when I had grandchildren that they would call me “Grammy.” So that’s how I went from “Mammy2Grammy.”  

I called my grandmother and my great-grandmother “Bigmama.” My grandmother was “Bigmama” (all 5 foot nothing, no way she was 100 pounds soaking wet, of her.) She was a tiny little woman, but she was MIGHTY. Her mother was “Little Bigmama” to me. She was tiny in stature and weight too. The Big came about when my Aunt Joyce was little and she and Bigmama lived with little Bigmama and Little Granddad. It was during the war and her daddy, my Papa Charles was away serving our country. Aunt Joyce would call Bigmama and Little Bigmama “Mama”, so Bigmama decided that Little Bigmama should be Bigmama to my Aunt Joyce and well it just stuck and continued on to the next generation.

My mama took after her daddy’s side of the family and was not a tiny little woman. She was emphatic that she was not gonna be called “Bigmama.” Although she was a “Big” Beautiful Woman she just didn’t want that to be what her grandchildren called her.

When I was pregnant with my daughter we discussed it frequently. She didn’t want to be “Grandma” “Granny” or any of the more common names for children to call their grandmother’s either. Somehow we came to the decision that she would be Nana and that worked until her husband (Paw Paw) decided that Nana sounded too much like a Nanny Goat and why didn’t the children just call her “Nina” and so that’s what stuck.

So now you probably know much more than you ever wanted to know about what’s in a name. I hope you enjoyed my little trip down memory lane. Some things just need to be shared before people get too old and forgetful to share them. LOL. Have a Blessed Day!
❤ Kim


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  1. Kimberly, I just wanted to thank you for that lovely post that you made about my recipe for the chicken pot pie. It was so sweet and caring. Thanks so much! I hope to return the favor soon and often! Deb @ Kneaded Creations!

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