Guest Blog: Megan from Crafty Meggy. Halloween Witches Hats and Brooms!

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If you’re here visiting from Crafty Meggy or any of the other blogs that are participating in the Blog Swap Meet, Welcome to Mammy 2 Grammy. I’m just so happy to have you here!

I’m so excited to be able to introduce you to Megan. She is a stay at home Mom of three boys and a part-time photographer. Her blog is called “Crafty Meggy” and let me tell you she has some really “crafty” ideas on her blog. I just know you’ll love what she has to share with you today and just in time for Halloween too. So without further ado, y’all meet my friend Megan.

Hello there! I am so excited to be here with Kim today guesting on her blog!


I have a fun and easy Halloween treat to share with you. I was looking for some cute treats to make for my kids’ therapists and teachers and came across these cute ideas on pinterest:


They’re cute, right? I thought so! 🙂 (Click image to go to the original post.)

Here’s a list of the supplies you need to make these:

* Hershey’s Kisses

*Grasshopper cookies

*Reeses Peanut Butter Cups

*Pretzel sticks

* Purple frosting (In my case the store I went to didn’t have purple frosting and I had green on hand so I just used it. You could also make your own purple from white frosting if you want to, but I wasn’t too set on using purple. I thought green looked good too.)


First I created the witches hats. All I did was put a cookie down, put a dab of green frosting on the top of it, in the middle, then placed the Kiss on top of the frosting. Actually, I more like smashed the Kiss down on top of the frosting so it would spread out all around the Kiss. The frosting works as a glue to keep the Kiss in place.


I love how they turned out! I texted a picture to my husband while he was at work and he was like, “What are those supposed to be?!!” LOL I thought it was a no brainer, what do you think? 🙂



The brooms proved to be a little bit trickier. I wanted them to look nice and clean, but if I pushed too hard on the pretzel it would break the peanut butter cup in half completely. I also learned that if you break a pretzel in half and use the broken end to make the whole for the broom handle part it worked better than using an unbroken end of the pretzel. I don’t know why, but that’s how I got these ones to not break.


Do they look like brooms?


After they were all finished being made I put them in Ziplock sandwich bags. I cut off the top part of the bag and tied them with some purple ribbon.


I made this cute little box with a handle and the witch with my Silhouette Cameo. It turned out so much better than I thought it would!



I put the treats inside the box and on the opposite side of the handle where the witch was I put a strip of Martha Stewart’s wide tip glue pen (you can buy it at Michaels, but I couldn’t find a link for it so this one is to amazon. It might be a better deal if you don’t have a coupon for Michaels.). If you let the glue dry clear before attaching it then it becomes removable. That way you can open it and reopen it as many times as you want. Here’s a close up of the dried glue:



Don’t you just LOVE it? I don’t mean to toot my own horn or anything, but it really turned out so much cuter than I had thought it would!! And Brynnan’s therapist LOVED it! She called me and said thank you and told me how cute it was. I love it when people appreciate the gifts I make them! It makes all the crazy crafting worth it! 🙂

I bought all of these shapes used on the little box in the Silhouette Online Store. I’ll put links for each of them at the end of the post. I wanted to explain how I made the box different from the shape you get in the store. It is a box that comes with all sides so it can be completely closed, but, since I wanted it to remain upright with the treats in it I decided to modify it a little bit. If you’re interested in making a box the way I did I’ll come back on Wednesday with a tutorial on how to make it. I hope you’ll stop by then!!

Thanks for having me guest on your blog, Kim! I love “meeting” new blogging friends and their readers! I hope you all have a wonderful Monday!! I’d love it if you would come over to my blog and check it out!

Silhouette shapes used for this project:

Chubby Witch with Broom

Conversation Bubbles

Trick or Treat phrase

Box with Handle

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